Onyx and Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet


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    8mm Matte and Shiney Onyx beads with a 12mm Tiger’s eye focal bead.

    Physical Healing: Onyx is believed to aid in enhancing physical strength and stamina. It is thought to support the healing of bone-related injuries, improve bone health, and alleviate issues related to teeth, feet, and blood disorders.
    Emotional Healing: It's considered a stone of strength and perseverance, helping in releasing negative emotions, enhancing self-control, and encouraging wise decision-making. Onyx is also believed to alleviate stress and support mental clarity.
    Tiger's Eye:
    Physical Healing: Tiger's eye is associated with promoting vitality and physical strength. It's believed to aid in balancing hormonal functions and supporting the overall health of organs like the liver and gallbladder. Some also claim it helps with digestive issues and improving eyesight.
    Emotional Healing: This stone is often used to promote courage, confidence, and willpower. It's believed to assist in reducing anxiety, fear, and promoting harmony and balance within oneself.